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Charlotte Elizabeth Fortran Classroom 

Rhonda and Melissa Barona traveled to Tanzania, Africa in May 2013.  While there, they had an opportunity to visit a school and were shocked at the conditions. Click on each picture above for further information.  After completing additional research, they found education throughout the country is in dire need of help. Many children have either no school building or rundown, dilapidated buildings, little or no supplies, teacher/student ratios are extremely high and there is little support available from within. 


Rhonda and Melissa returned home with a mission: to help build a classroom to be named after Rhonda's mother, Charlotte Elizabeth Fortran, a long time educator, member of the National PTA and missions advocate. Additionally, 5 children will be sponsored to attend school for a period of 6 years each. 


This goal was met in March 2018. Additional goals will be set as needs are identified...see OUR MISSION and DONATE for further details.


All fundraising efforts are entitled EXPANDING HORIZONS and will be handled under the auspices of the 501(c)3 non-profit PROJECT ZAWADI.


The Expanding Horizon's Fundraiser benefits Project Zawadi whose mission is to partner with schools, communities and teachers to support quality education for Tanzanian children and youth. Concentration is placed on serving orphaned and at risk children in some of the most remote rural villages in Tanzania.

Expanding Horizons' initial goal of construction of one classroom and  sponsorship of 5 children for 6 years of school has been met.  We are now undertaking the repair of 7 classrooms at Kurusanga School and the purchase of desks and blackboards for the school.  Although currently in the process of going out to bid on construction projects, these projects and purchases will run an estimated $9000.


Various fundraising events and efforts will take place in the coming months.  If you are interested in becoming involved or have special talents to offer, please contact us.​  

Assistance in securing both individual and business donations is encouraged. Maybe your hairdresser, grocer, neighbors, co-workers, civic group etc. would be interested in making a donation. Donations of any denomination are welcomed.  If interested, we can provide you with printed materials to present to prospective sponsors.



Our initial goal of $13,000 has been met.  6 students are currently being  sponsored for 6 years each and construction has been completed on the first classroom. Click here for further details.


An additional $9000 has been raised for classroom repair at Kurusanga School and the purchase of blackboards and desks. Construction timeframe details will follow.  



We  are currently raising funds for the construction of teacher housing and toilets and the purchase of textbooks. Please send your support. It's easy to donate at the DONATE tab above. Pay by credit card, check or money order.

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